Successful Relationship Requires the Concepts of Psalm 23

jesusOne of the first passages of Scripture many of us became familiar with was Psalm 23.  This is a favorite passage of mine and I am sure it is yours as well.  Do we really understand the concepts that are taught in this passage?

The role of the shepherd and the sheep is one we have trouble grasping in our culture.  There is no stronger relationship on earth than that of shepherd and sheep.  A sheep depends on the shepherd for his very existence.   The first part of the 23rd Psalm is describing the security the shepherd brings to the sheep.  He feeds, waters, and protects the sheep.  He is their security blanket. David was describing his dependence on the Lord for these things.  This is the primary teachings of this passage.  However this could apply to many facets in life including the relationship between the husband and wife. My intent is to apply this passage to the marriage relationship.  The husband has the responsibilities of the shepherd in this application.  This is really about the security a woman needs in her life.  The following description is how relationship should look when the concept of Psalm 23 is applied.

  • The Psalms 23 concept makes relationship a place where the woman’s needs are met.  Verse one says, “I shall not want.”  If this concept is applied to marriage, the husband’s responsibility is to make sure all the needs of the relationship are met.  I shall not want doesn’t mean she will have everything she wants physically.  What it does mean is the husbands responsibility to make sure he can be depended on by the wife to provide all things necessary.  He is her security.  He is the one on earth in whom she can place her trust and pride.  This is an overall concept which means he wraps her life in his so that she doesn’t have to worry about the dangers of this life.  He is her rock and her shield.
  • He makes her to lie down in green pastures.  It is the husband’s responsibility to make sure that the wife has what she needs. All of us need sustenance but the wife needs more.  The greatest thing a husband can provide for a wife isn’t diamonds, it isn’t even housing or food. The best thing a husband can provide for his wife is security.  This is what proper security looks like.  It looks like a relationship where the bills are paid, the children are correctly disciplined and all is in order for the woman’s life.  Husbands the Psalms 23 concept requires that we provide this for her.
  • He leads me beside the still waters.  When man was cast from the garden sin was introduced.  The peace and tranquility that Adam and his wife had known were gone.  Chaos had been introduced. Husbands we have a responsibility to provide “still waters” in her life.  The home should have an absence of chaos.  Some of this falls on the woman.  I have known women who are all about drama.  I am sure you have as well.  This isn’t an excuse husbands.  If we apply the Psalm 23 concept to the relationship we must lead our wives to the “still waters.”  If there tends to be drama in the home it is the responsibility of the husband to remove that drama so  the “still waters” can exist.
  • With the right shepherd in a relationship even death can’t shake her.  This is the ultimate compliment for a husband.  For our wives to believe in us to the point that would follow us even in the shadow of death is the greatest gift any wife can give to her husband.  To be the kind of husband a wife can believe in to that degree is the greatest gift he can give to her as well.

How do we sum up the Psalm 23 concept in the relationship of the husband and wife? What does it look like?   It looks like relationship where boundaries are set and roles defined.  It is a husband who will provide the depth of consistent leadership, This leadership  provides a security every woman craves.  It is found in the woman who follows the leadership of the husband without question because he has provided that consistent, deep leadership in much the same way the Lord provides it for all of us.  Men we are after all created in God’s image.

From the hallow of His hand,  dell kimberly


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