The Glorious Comparison

In Scripture we have an abundance of beautiful stories. None is as glorious as theaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachristmas-9 comparison of marriage and the church. Those of you who have been following my blog over the last month know I have been discussing relationship. I have dealt with it primarily from the standpoint of the man. In this article I am going to discuss responsibilities of both man and woman. This article is based on the teachings of Ephesians 5. This may well be the most important words ever written on marriage and the relationship that surrounds the couple who have committed themselves through marriage. We would do well to read again and again the words God shared with us through Paul in this passage.

  • Wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord.  In our day and age the idea that a woman would submit to her husband is beyond our ability to grasp.  In this day of enlightenment,  no reasonable woman would place herself in a position of submission!  After all, women and men are equals, right?  I fear society has missed the entire point.  God isn’t instructing the woman to be less than the man, He is giving man and woman different roles.  The woman submits to her husband in a similar way to the church submitting to Christ.  I don’t know why God begins with the woman’s role but I suspect it is because they usually “get it”  quicker than we men do. The role of submission isn’t the role of a slave.  It instead is a role where the woman willingly puts herself under the care, concern, and protection of her husband.  To submit means she is willing to put herself in a role which allows the husband to take the darts and arrows of life.  She is giving up the role of running “point” for the family.  This doesn’t mean the husband is superior.  It simply means their roles are not the same.  Since the husband is the normally the stronger of the two, she allows him to take the rocks and arrows of life as she chooses to willingly give up the role of dominance.  She willingly submits to the care and protection of the husband.  In doing so, she puts herself in a position to take on a much more important role.
  • Wives Respect your husbands.  This word “respect” is an extremely broad concept.  When God took a rib from the side of Adam and created Eve.  Through Eve God made Adam complete.  The role of the woman is the most important role in the world.  She completes man.  Without a mate man is incomplete. Without a woman by his side man is in no position to deal with the world.  A woman who respects her husband is the woman who does everything necessary to make him all he can be.  She knows when to caress and when to correct her husband.  She knows how to comfort him when he is broken as well as how to motivate him when he falls short of what he ought to do.  She is much like the coach who stands on the sideline during a ballgame.  She sees the game of life from a protected position.  She sees what works and what doesn’t.  While the husband is taking the hits in the game of life, she stands in her protected position giving him both comfort and direction.  She allows him to be complete as a man.  In doing this she makes the house a home and the collection of people who dwell there a family.  The role of the woman is the most important role this world knows. All of us have heard the saying, “behind every successful man is a woman.”  No truer words have been spoken.  Without the woman’s role successful relationship could not exist.
  • Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church.  When the Lord gave man these instructions he set the bar very high.  Think about how Christ loved the church.  The Lord loved us enough He was willing to die for us.  Christ suffered the insults.  The Lord went through the humiliation, the pain, and mistreatment.  He did all of this without any thought of Himself.  Christ shows his humanity in His prayer.  He said, “Father if there be any way let this cup pass from me.”  Even though He didn’t want to die he was willing to die for the church so that those who make up the church could have a chance.  He put the needs of the church before His own.  When God tells man to love his wife as Christ loved the church, God is saying to the man put the needs of your wife before your own.  The words come easy but the actions are difficult.  As a result of the wife submitting to the care of the husband, we men have the job of making sure her needs are met before our own.  She is to be shielded and protected at any cost.  Woman is God’s ultimate gift to man.  We honor that gift by giving woman the things she needs and deserves. This is the will of God.
  • Husbands love your wives as yourselves.  Men have you ever been driving a nail and hit the wrong nail?  What happens?  As soon as you hit the wrong nail a series of events begin to transpire.  In this series of events one thing always happens.  Almost immediately the other hand drops what it is doing and wraps around the injured finger.  It doesn’t matter what the other hand has been doing, it’s importance is diminished.  Immediately everything stops so that the injured nail can be cared for.  This is similar to how it ought to be with the wife.  When something happens to her nothing should prevent the husband from dropping what he is doing to meet her needs.  She becomes more important than anything the husband is doing.  She is priority number one because she is God’s gift that completes man.
  • For this reason.  Because of this relationship man leaves father and mother and is united to his wife and the two will become one flesh.  Tomorrow I have the pleasure and honor of joining a man and a woman in marriage.  My role is small, I am fulfilling a role that has become part of our culture.  My role is simply a tradition.  The role of the two committing themselves to each other is much more important than what I will do. Their role is important, but it is not the most important thing that will take place.  What God will do tomorrow is a mystery that is profound.  God will take two individuals and make them one.  God Himself said it was a profound mystery.  How can a man care enough for a woman so that he puts her needs ahead of his own?  How can a man love a woman enough to die to his own desires so that hers can be met?  How can a woman take on an almost impossible role of making man complete?  How can woman place herself under submission to a man who is anything but what he should be?  All this is accomplished by the hand of an almighty God who declares man and woman one in his sight.  Without the help of God it would not work.

All relationship is important but no relationship is as important as marriage.  Please don’t take marriage for granted.  God answers prayer and gives us someone with whom we share life this side of eternity. We help each other in this life and we ought to help one another get to heaven.  Don’t enter into the relationship lightly and please never take the one God has given to you for granted.  We may not understand why God has allowed us the opportunity to be bound with a mate so far above our pay scale but never question and never take for granted the gift God has placed in our lives.  This relationship should be the nearest thing to heaven we experience in this life.

In His Hand,  dell kimberly


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  1. lyn says:

    If this were practiced, there would not be the adultery epidemic.

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