Like An Old Friend

In June of 2012 I suffered a stroke.  As a result many things have changed.  Some were obvious and some were not so obvious.  One of the things that happened was simple, but  has bothered me a great deal.  After my stroke I had trouble accessing this blog.  In fact after late 2012 I could not access it at all.  Today, as I was sitting at my desk, it came to me how to get into this blog.  It was like an old friend had suddenly shown up again.  I never cease to be amazed at the good things God does for us when we need it most.  Welcome back old friend and by the way, “Who Told You That?”


4 Responses to Like An Old Friend

  1. cambiodelmar says:

    Welcome back, Dell. Didn’t know about the stroke, but glad to hear you are improving. May God continue blessing you down a positive path! Dennis Ensor

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  2. Dell ! I wondered what happened to you. You just disappeared. I hope this is an indication of a health recovery.

  3. Dell Kimberly says:

    I am better. At time I have trouble with the strangest things. For approaching two years I have not been able to log into this blog. Today it just came to me. Of course I wrote it down immediately (that’s what i have to do these days). It was an awesome blessing to be able to get into my blog.

  4. Dell Kimberly says:

    Thanks my friend. I have missed being able to write. Im glad to be able to get into the blog again. 😉

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