Could It Be?

Does the Bible contain a “pattern” for how the church of the Bible should look? Is the primary duty of Christians to reproduce or restore the church of the first century? We look at these two questions and one might ask, “What do these question have to do with Christianity? The honest answer is very little.
Sometimes we miss the point of how Disciples were to be known. Men tend to emphasize the things we can see. We can piece together a verse here and a verse there and construct in our minds eye a pattern man can use to determine faithfulness. If you fit the pattern we have pieced together we will accept you as faithful Christians. If you miss some part of our pattern you won’t be known as faithful. Maybe you won’t even be recognized as Christian.  We further allow ourselves to have a say in who is faithful by making  a law that one must hold to the “restoration principle” to fit into the faithful category.
The Lord said his disciples would be known by their love. How did we manage to move from the point the Lord said would allow us to be recognized as His disciples to where we are today?
Love is hard to measure. It is hard to see inside a heart. Could it be that we invented laws so we could say, “See I am faithful I hold to the pattern!” It wouldn’t be the first time man has thanked God he wasn’t as other men.


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