Thirty Four Years Ago

It was a rainy day in Kentucky, 34 years ago today, when God blessed my life with a child. That day will always stand out in my mind, October 24, 1980. I had waited patiently as this child was three weeks past its due date. Back in the day one could only guess whether the child would be a boy or girl. The child God brought into my life that day was a boy. His name would be Kevin. God would bless that little family with a daughter two and a half years later. She would be called Karla. These children filled my heart with pride and continually brought smiles to my face. I prayed for them every day. I asked God to bless them in two ways. I asked first that God would use them to serve Him. I asked second that God would bless them with a mate who would make them happy and their families complete. God answered both prayers.

The memories these children left keeps my heart swelled with happiness and pride. The only wishes I have are that I could be part of shaping their childhood all over again. Unfortunately this isn’t in the realm of possibility. The days are gone, even the photos are gone. Yet one of the blessings God gives are the precious memories that live on in our minds.

To both of my children I say thank you for everything. I want to thank you especially for the five beautiful grandchildren you have given to me. I can say with total confidence the seven of you, my children and grandchildren, are indeed special blessings From God. I couldn’t be prouder of any of you. To all of you I say thanks for everything.

To Kevin I say happy birthday! Your a great son. To both my children, and to my grandchildren you are everything a father and grandfather could want.

Dad (paw paw)


One Response to Thirty Four Years Ago

  1. karla says:

    🙂 very sweet. We love you

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