And The Lord Added

Heather West was baptized at the end of our morning service today.  Heather is from our community.  She moved here from Florida.  We welcome her to our spiritual family and look forward to the great works she will do for His Kingdom. Take the time to get to know Heather.  May God continue to bless His Church in Payson!


“And The Lord Added”

This afternoon  the Thomason family was baptized into Christ.  Henry, Jennifer, and their children Dailyann, Cody, and Tanner confessed their faith and put their trust in the Lord Jesus.

This family will be a tremendous asset to the Lord’s work in Payson.  We welcome this family to the church family in Payson. God bless you Henry, Jennifer, Dailyann, Cody, and Tanner.

I am amazed at the power God is displaying here in Payson.  I  continue to be excited about the direction of this church.

And The Lord Added

   About 2:30 this afternoon the Lord added one to the body of Christ here in Payson.  Gary Barcom committed his life to the Lord and was baptized into Christ.  Gary’s wife Linda has been a faithful devoted Christian throughout their married life.  As a result of Gary seeing Christ living in her he has now committed his life to serving the Lord as well.  What an example this sets for the children, the grandchildren and even the great grandchildren.  To the Barcom family…may God continue to bless you!!

Two More In Christ

baptism1Brian McKinnon and Autumn Williams put their Lord on in baptism today.  In addition to their obedience to God these two will be wed March 14, 2009.  I can’t think of any better way to begin a marriage than in Christ.  Our congratulations to this young couple as they begin life together.  I am expecting great things from them.  God bless you Brian and Autumn.

2 Baptisms


This morning Saturday February 21, 2009 Keely and Brandon Christensen were baptized into Christ.  Keely is 13 and Brandon is 15.  These two are brother and sister.  We look forward to the years they will serve the Lord.  The decision to put their Lord on in baptism is the most important decision they will make in their lives.  Keely and Brandon we are so proud of you.  May God bless you in your service to the Lord.  I hope you always live in such a way that God will use you in  service to Him.      dell kimberly